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What is BrainSpark?

BrainSpark is the way your business can tap into the surging new Creativity Culture. We offer books, workshops, and premium content to develop your employees’ creativity and harness it to:

  • Stand out from competitors
  • Encourage innovation from within
  • Creatively solve business problems

Encouraging creativity in the workplace isn’t just for innovative powerhouses like Google or Apple. More and more companies – in all sectors, from manufacturing to banking to healthcare – are recognizing the need for a shift toward praising new ideas and promoting creativity, enhancing employee engagement and motivating out-of-the-box thinking. This acceptance and promotion of creativity are what spur innovation.

Exciting Things Coming Soon!


You are creative!

Creativity is an important part of everyone’s career. Companies from all industries are embracing the need for a creative workforce to remain competitive. The good news is that creativity is a learnable skill, not an inherent trait.

BrainSpark is proud to announce the upcoming release of its first book, Conditioning Your Mind – Fuel Creativity to Ignite Innovation. This book is the first in a series that provides information and exercises to help develop creative talents, to apply innovative solutions to business problems, and to foster creative teams and work environments.

In Conditioning Your Mind – Fuel Creativity to Ignite Innovation you will learn what creativity is and why it is important. You’ll practice techniques to develop and grow your creativity. Finally, you will receive a “toolbox” of job aids to help you put your newly developed creative skills to work.


Get ready to super charge your creative juices!

The United States is falling behind other countries in creativity, and their innovative industries are leaving us behind. It is time for us to roll up our sleeves and remind them that the US is a creative powerhouse.

BrainSpark’s first creativity workshop, Conditioning Your Mind, will unleash your inner creativity and build your confidence in sharing ideas. This is not a sit-in-your-seat presentation. This is a stand-up, interactive, full-participation event.

You may be unsure of your creative ability now, but by the end of the four-hour workshop, the room will be full of excited participants vying for the opportunity to demonstrate their creative genius. You will leave with the knowledge, practice, and tools you need to continue developing your creative talents.

Future workshops will include how to put creative ideas to work to solve business problems and how to develop, foster, and inspire an innovative workplace.

The facilitator of the workshops is Radcom’s VP of Operations and BrainSparks’s Chief Creativity Officer, Jennifer Yaros. Jennifer’s presentations are always fun, always interactive, and always informative. Participants leave sessions feeling energized and ready to put newfound knowledge and skills to work.

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